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The Hamburg State and University Library Carl von Ossietzky (Stabi), in its role as the regional library of the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg, collects, stores and presents all kinds of material relating to the history and regional studies of the city and its surroundings. The library collects literature about Hamburg and its prominent people as comprehensively as possible, and has been following this tradition since being founded as a council library and academic city library back in the 15th century. more>

HamburgWissen Digital (regional portal)

HamburgWissen Digital

The online sources of information on Hamburg's history and regional studies are rich and varied, and are provided by many institutions of the Hanseatic City. "HamburgWissen Digital" presents them all under one umbrella, in an annotated, thematically arranged catalogue of links.
The portal provides orientation when researching literature and factual databases, full texts, maps, picture material, biographies, statistics and documentation. The service is being enhanced on a continuous basis. In addition to the meta search, with which many of the resources can be searched together in an easy way, “HamburgWissen Digital” also offers various other features:
The “Hamburger Archivführer” (Hamburg archives handbook) and the “Hamburger Bibliotheksführer ” (Hamburg library handbook) guide the user through Hamburg's archive and library landscape and provide detailed information about the individual institutions and what they offer. The events calendar provides information about all kinds of events relating to Hamburg. In a later phase of the project, there will also be an online-tutorial on regional history and regional studies, as well as a research database. The intended modules will offer users support and orientation in their day-to-day research. The “HamburgWissen Digital” portal is still being developed at present (a beta version is currently available).

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Hamburgensien digital


Copyright-free digitalised media on Hamburg's history are offered by the State Library on three levels. In addition to five sources that were digitalised in special projects (“Hamburger Adressbücher”; “Hamburg in historischen Karten”; “Briefwechsel Ernst Cassirer”; “Schröder, Hans: Lexikon der hamburgischen Schriftsteller bis zur Gegenwart (1851-1883)”; “Zeitschrift des Vereins für Hamburgische Geschichte”), all other sources from the Stabi's holdings can be searched together or browsed systematically according to collections, document type or subject categories.
You will also find digital copies relating to Hamburg which have been digitised by other institutions and research establishments (external digital copies). We have summarised these into collections for you (for books, magazines, newspapers, etc.). For the newspapers, the terms of use may differ in individual cases, due to different licensing conditions.

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Hamburg Bibliography

The Hamburg Bibliography documents the following for the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg:

1 all literature relating to Hamburg and its prominent people:

  • books, magazines and series, maps and atlases, essays from magazines and anthologies, newspaper articles (1992-2004 only)
  • on all areas of life and subject areas
  • from the past and present
  • in full for the publication years 1938-1980 and from 1992; literature from the years 1981-1991 and before 1938 is being added continuously.

2 short biographies and biographical data of Hamburg's public figures.

Almost all of the referenced literature is available in Hamburg's libraries. You can research literature on neighbouring states in the regional bibliographies of Schleswig Holstein and Lower Saxony, as well as literature on the Elbe in the regional bibliographies of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Sachsen-Anhalt and Saxony.

Beyond the state boundaries, the Virtuelle Deutsche Landesbibliographie – a meta catalogue of all German regional bibliographies – offers the possibility of Germany-wide, subject-specific research. From the website of VDL, you can also access the individual regional bibliographies of all states. Information about the regional libraries responsible for the individual states can be found there.

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Hamburg links collection

In the Hamburg links collection, you can find around 630 Internet sources on Hamburg's past and present, with links for all subjects and areas of life. It includes many institutions that offer you information relating to Hamburg, such as archives, museums, history workshops, clubs, associations, building cooperatives and authorities with a large amount of citizen information, the institutions of Hamburg cultural life and all academic institutions concerned with regional research – but it also contains links to subject-specific websites, such as on ecological settlements, social support for the homeless, the Elbe, and jazz in Hamburg.

The links are sorted into 41 subject areas, the same categories for which you can search literature in the Hamburg Bibliography (there: 'Systematik: Themen' = systematic subjects). The range of internet sources is updated and quality-checked on a continuous basis. Please inform us by e-mail of any Hamburg-related links that you are unable to find here and which you consider to be especially important.

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Hamburg address books

Under this title, the digital versions of all address books and older telephone directories are being collected gradually, which provide information about addresses

  • in the area of present-day Hamburg (irrespective of when the area became part of Hamburg; for all years)
  • in areas that once belonged to Hamburg but are now part of other states (for the period during which they belonged to Hamburg)

i.e. here you can find

  • the “Hamburgische Adressbuch”, later called “Hamburger Adressbuch”, which, with a few exceptions, was published annually from 1787 to 1966, as well as its predecessors in the 17/18th centuries, first “Hamburgum literatum” from 1698 and 1701, and “Jetzt belebte Hamburg” from 1712.
  • the “Altonaische Adressbuch”, later called “Altonaer Adressbuch”, which from 1802 until the merging of Altona with Hamburg in 1938 was published both separately and as part of the Hamburger Addressbuch;
  • address books for Bergedorf and Vierlande, Harburg-Wilhelmsburg, Wandsbek, Rahlstedt, Blankenese and the Elbe suburbs that were merged with Hamburg at various points in time;
  • address books for Cuxhaven and Geesthacht up to 1938, when both towns were separated from Hamburg through the Greater Hamburg Act.

All volumes of the Hamburger Adressbuch published from 1787-1966 are currently presented, along with the Altonaer Adressbuch from 1802-1938 and some volumes of the Bergedorfer Adressbuch, the predecessors from the 18th century, as well as all other Hamburg-relevant address books and telephone directories from 1926.
Primarily the holdings of the Hamburg State and University Library Carl von Ossietzky and the Hamburg State Archive were digitalised, plus the volumes from 15 other German libraries and archives.
You have three different search methods at your disposal:

  • List of all volumes, sorted according to year of publication:
    You select a year and gain access to all address books published in that year. You can open individual volumes with the help of contents lists.
  • Search in alphabetical sections: Search form for a targeted multi-dimensional search. By means of a search term, you can research address books in certain years of publication or in several years of publication. You can limit your search to parts of the address book (e.g. streets) or to a part of Hamburg (e.g. Altona).
  • Access to other parts:You can select specific categories within the address books – “Authorities and other bodies, official information”, “Traffic and communication” and “Advertising” – either for a single year or several years.

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HANS catalogue for the special collections of the SUB

In the HANS catalogue for manuscripts (“Handschriften”), autographs (“Autographen”), literary remains (“Nachlässe “) and special collections (“Sonderbestände “) of the library, you will find references for important holdings segments of the special collections.
It includes literary remains or individual legacy items (correspondence) of individual poets, authors, artists, musicians and scientists from the Hamburg area, ranging from the 17th century to the present day. For the literary remains that have not yet been added to the database, various search aids are available in the Manuscript Reading Room.
In addition, the library's autograph collections (Campe collection, literature archive, Supellex epistolica Uffenbachi et Wolfiorum, portrait collection) are referenced.

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